Welp, ladies and gentlenerds, it’s raining here where I am thus causing my power to be knocked out completely. Why not start on my first returning blog post…

Here we all are once again. I took a long break away from you guys, and for that I do apologize. For my return, why not talk about something quite a few of us nerds know a good bit about.. oh yes, I’m talking about Gamer Rage. Now if you love gaming as much as…well…me (which I’m sure the good majority of you do) than I’m sure you have encountered or even personally experienced this yourselves. Who remembers there first encounter with this here problem. MEE ^.^! So let us begin. Now I didn’t get my first PlayStation 3 encounter until well… about 2 or 3 years ago so I joined the party a little late. I know,  I know, I’m not proud of it either, and I begged and begged my Mother to get me one…buuttt it didn’t quite work out in my favor (Much like a lot of things don’t work out for Nerd Girl). I first ran into my first encounter with “Gamer Rage” the first time I popped Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 into the CD tray and decided I would try the Tranzit map out for the first time. image

Things we’re going oh so well for me, I was a natural. Zombie killing I guess came quite easy to me after the countless zombie movies a nd documentaries I had watched over the years. I was not playing by myself, it was my first time, I needed help and I knew I did.  It would take more than my best friends 12 year old brother to save me from the madness, so I played with others in a public lobby. As you may know, you can play with up two a minimum of three players and a maximum of four. This was great, the odds we’re working in my favor. I waited until the lobby was completely full with players willing to ready up and join the fight with me. The first few rounds we’re great, but of course I was still a rookie, and the rookie Nerd Girl herself hit Round 7, or as I call it “7/11 of Hell”. Now, me being out of the loop so long I was not aware that the more rounds you surpass the stronger and stronger the zombie horde got after each round. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were still at the diner since the box didn’t give us the Teddy Bear of death just yet. As soon as that number turned all he’ll broke loose. Zombies came from literally everywhere, and when I say everywhere I do mean everywhere.
image Now on a game like COD, shit can really get real!! I don’t just mean the game but the players. At the time I didn’t have a mix set up but of course I could still hear anyone that did have one, and this my friends is where I came into contact with the Rager! Of course it was male since the majority of humans playing are in fact male, he sounded anywhere from the ages of 14 to maybe like 19 give or take a few years, and he was screaming his head off trying to run from these zombies, I didnt know what to do, so I panicked and ran myself. This was one of those times where I wished they would all break out into the Thriller dance, but of course not.
image He went down and simply because I followed I almost went down myself, I didn’t understand that you actually had to turn around and shoot the zombies that ran after you. I was cornered, and I had already made the mistake of running out into that fog once earlier in the session and having that Demon Alien Baby land on my head, and I refused to go through that trauma again (So much screeching) I managed to get around them though. Running towards my other teammates and listening to my fallen comrade yell at me as I did so, “Fucking pick me up!!!” I managed to survive 7/11 of Hell and lived to fight another day… or well 4 minutes. The same player that went down went down one more time and gave out the loudest yell I have ever heard come from a young boy. He sounded like a character from Dragonball Z going super saiyan.
I died that round….in fact we all died that round. Now for the rookie gamers I’m sure you’ve heard the word “Noob” while playing well any type of video game. That was what I was called, over and over and over. But I kept trying, playing the same map once more and giving it a try, the screams of the countless young gamers frightened me much, and I wondered… why so much yelling? All this because of a digital zombie. That night I went to be diseased with my game play and I decided I would play it just about everyday until I surpassed round 7. Every time though, I would die… and the beast was unleashed, and all of my Gamer Rage was released. I myself went super saiyan.
Now I knew I had a potty mouth before but I had never heard it this vicious before. Now I had finally gotten a mix, but thank the Gamer Gods I was playing with people I knew personally. There was an awkward silence…. until they all laughed at me. “WOW! The zombies pissed you off huh?”
I groaned and sat my controller down, “Who made this shit anyways!” I replied and sighed, “OK OK let me calm down.”
“Oh no, embrace your Gamer Rage!”
Thst was the day I became a true gamer. Since then my gamer rage has come out in a variety of different games in a variety of different curse words including, Shitfuckfuckshit, fuckery, bullshit dragon, and just plain FUCK YOU (insert antihero here) YOU PUMPKIN FUCKER!! Oh yes, video games will bring out the worst in someone, but instead of running from it, we as gamers must take it and embrace it, because someone has to yell at digital objects that live in our television screens. Hope you enjoyed this little shpeel. See you guys next time.
Nerd Girl

P.S: My power has come back on after an hour and thirty minutes.


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