So much has happened this season so far. So they found out they all were infected anyways. After that I don’t see how they would go on but hey, it makes for a good show. Watching one of them die and then getting shot and/or stabbed in the face. That’s what we call a DOUBLE KILL! If this were a video game just about every character on this show would be like a super soldier or something, hella lot of XP! Anywho, who all died this season, FIRST OUR BELOVED T-DOG!!

imagesMay he rest in peace wherever he is in heaven. But still it would be cool to see what T-Dog looked like as a zombie. Ohhhh that's what..... o.o

Ohhh, that’s what……. 0.0









Anywho, we’ve also lost Lori, that 2 timing slut…… well she died too….

walking-dead-loriI was actually surprisingly sad to see Lori go. I never really paid too much attention to her, well at least tried not to. Well because of this whole situation and what not






Let’s see, the Governor’s daughter got a Katana through the back of the head by Mishonne and it made the Governor cry like a little biatch! She was killed like a G and you know it!!


Maggie and Glenn got kidnapped and survived like bosses! Uhh what else, hmmmm oh yea and Andrea has turned into a total bitch. I just wanna throw her in a crowd of walkers and then be like, “Do you get it now you stupid blonde bitch!!”the-walking-dead-3-03-andrea-and-michonne-disarmed-by-the-governor



Like come on, so much is going on right now. You know what I mean?? All I do know is, Mishonne is with Rick now, Andrea’s playing dumb and screwing guys that remind her of Shane (speaking of Shane he got shot in the face again –teehee- hella funny).shane

The Governor is a dick, and Carl is a little man child. But more man than he is child. I’m so proud of him!!! Crying face

I wish Mishonne would have just killed the Governor while she had the chance too. –Sigh- Only in my dreams I guess. Either way I can’t wait until the new episodes come on and according to Mr. Chris Hardwick that will be February 10th I believe.

By the way we have some new people!!! chad-coleman-tyrese-walking-dead-540x270

Yay another black guy!! That one prison guy I thought was supposed to be T-Dog’s replacement, but now we get Tyrese! From the comics!!! Just kidding, noone at all can replace T-Dog!



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