So November 27th 72 years ago, the world was granted the blessing of meeting a smiley faced chinese child, Bruce Lee. Yes, people on the 27th the Dragon himself would have been 72 years old and I bet you could still kick your ass with two hand tied behind his back!Punch                                                                                bruce-lee-enter-the-dragon

This was very exciting for me, it was a great day. Bruce Lee inspired so many people with all of his quotes and thoughts and philosophies on how to handle life. Like for real, this man was like a walking fortune cookie! He battled many difficulties in life, including racism especially but he never gave up, he kept going hard. I totally understand where he came from, I myself having to experience some of the same difficulties as well as others. On his birthday, FuelTV played a marathon of a special called, “Bruce Lee Lives!” featuring athletes like Paul Rodriguez to dancers such as the winners of America’s Best Dance Crew and possibly one of the best dance crews out there, the JabbawockeezSend a kiss. I watched the marathon of that when I got home from work, (yes people I work) that was at like at 10p.m and I stayed up until 2a.m watching them, after they started playing a late night marathon of his movies. I stayed up and watched those as well, and you know what it made me wonder. Where the hell did all the cool amazing kung fu movies go?? The last one I saw that even kept me half entertained was Rush Hour 3, and that had Chris Tucker and his annoyingly high voice in it! It seems like during the early 2000’s kung fu movies where somewhat popular, they were good but what happened to them all. Did we just stop being interested in them like we did with that awesome RC racer car our parents got us for Christmas when we were 12 or what? Either way, I think that we should start making more, maybe not us, but we should play more of them on HBO and Showtime and all those other places. With the cool awkward mouth sync malfunctions too, that way we know it’s legit.




Either way, my goal was not to make a total rant on how bad we need kung fu movies back, really it was to say Happy Birthday to the late Bruce Lee. You are missed very much and have made such a big mark on this world that it lingers on from generation to generation. You are and will always be in this 17 year old’s top 5 inspirations! Red heart



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