For the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to post next.  It made me think, what’s going on with gaming. I know the new Halo just came out, and Black Ops 2 and what not, but before I get to those I wanted to hit something that interested me more than shooting Prometheus monsters and shooting your best friend in the face and then yelling, “Yea, Bitch! In Tha Face!”

Totally hanging this in my room

I’ve been hearing about this game for a little bit and it actually sounds like it’s going to be a good game. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal takes all of our fav characters like Dante from Devil May Cry and Fat Princess from, well Fat Princess, and even that cute little Sackboy from LittleBig Planet, and then makes them commit First Degree Murder on each other. As well as a few other crimes that us real world, not digitally created, normal reality people would totally get at least 10 to life for. I am so sad to say though that I haven’t played this game for myself yet, :(. But, when you wanna see something that almost everyone else has seen already, what do you do? That’s right, you look it up on YouTube!

So I decided to just click the first one that I saw and that sounded kinda cool. I am and will probably always be a very big fan of Tekken, (just not the movie adaption they attempted to make in 2010) and when I saw the name Heihachi Mishima, my heart fluttered. I’ve been playing Tekken since I could walk, and Tekken came out in late 94′, I was born in 95′. Anyway this isn’t about me and my life story and all that gooey crap. Either way, it starts off with an opening monologue that you have to read a few lines of subtitles for, it is Heihachi Mishima, he no speak no English  >.< Any who  the first fight takes place at the Dojo from Parrapa the Rapper and our old evil friend Heihachi is fighting our electricity zapping, bad boy Cole Macgrath from the Infamous series, and totally beating the crap out of this computer controlled Cole Macgrath might I add, including unleashing Heihachi’s pet bear Kuma that runs around with him for a little bit.

Aww ain’t they just so cute together

Heihachi ends up sending Cole on a giant rocket at some point and Cole get’s zapped back down to earth like, “Now what!?”, no for real, he really does say that. Either way they fight until the clock finally times out and Cole is well, of course defeated. The video is like 20+ minutes long and I wasn’t gonna look at the whole thing like right at this moment, but it looks like the next battle is between, Heihachi, Fat Princess, and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. A threesome!!! Just not the threesome you were probably thinking of, that would be weird, and kinda gross. I will finish the video watching later, anyhow.

Overall it seems to me that all is looking well for this game. It helps that it doesn’t just focus on one specific character throughout the whole game and the same thing doesn’t happen. Each character has it’s own unique story. And you know what that means…… enemies from a previous series may come in the picture, you know stir the pot a little bit, cause some serious drama up in there, like a high school sophomore girlfight! I will most definitely be keeping an eye on the gameplay videos for this, and I will probably keep you posted!

Oh and by the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL! I’m actually about to go and eat some more turkey, we didn’t even put a dent in all the food we have right now. Thanks for reading!


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