Alright so this morning, there I was getting ready to do my daily routine of school and all that good crap that us teenagers have to do and there, on the news feed moderately making its way across my television screen, was a news flash that read, “Justin Timberlake to give the first look at the new Myspace.”

Myspace+Justin Timberlake= WHAAAAAAA???

This is what you get when you Google Justin Timberlake and Myspace together

I know right, it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty cool if you ask me. But, at the same time, many Myspace users abandoned Myspace like a run-away bride for the stronger more fulfilling Facebook. I would totally know, I was one of those super unfaithful, social network jumping cheats that wasn’t “getting enough” from my forever faithful Myspace. But hey what can we say America, right? It was giving us almost unfix-able viruses like that stripper ex-girlfriend of yours. I can’t be with a social network that is just that dirty!

People Stopped Using Myspace

It’s a shame that when you go to type in “Why did people-” in Google that the first thing that comes up is, “Why did people stop using Myspace”
Poor Myspace….

And besides, like everyone knows, no social network can be super amazing forever right? Its like the Jackson 5, like T-Pain, R-Kelly, Lil Mama ….. even Kesha and that stupid “Tik Tok” song that would play on the radio every 20 seconds. It became forgotten and no one liked it anymore, so they switched to something better. Like seriously, as you can see from the picture to the right even the creators of Myspace, STOPPED USING MYSPACE. You know a site is dead and gone when even the people that made it cant even stand to look at it for another second.






But still at the same time, kudos to Myspace for trying to make a comeback like Lindsey Lohan and this new thing she’s doing with Lifetime. We shall see if you live up to the superhuman standards that us Social Network addicts now have! BREAK THE BAR!!


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