Alright so the other day I went to YouTube and this was randomly in my timeline. If you don’t already know this movie was inspired by the book also titled “World War Z“. It was written by Max Brooks who is like on of the best zombie novel writers that I’ve heard of so far.


Max Brooks was also the author of the best seller book “The Zombie Survival Guide” which was pretty much a survival guide on how to survive a zombie outbreak if that ever where to happen (which of course is absolutely possible with the amount of awesome science and technology that we have these days).Image

Back in 2007, the film rights were secured and now 5 glorious non-zombie infested years later, the end product is the new movie that is supposed to be released June 21, 2013, World War Z. It stars Brad Pitt (I have no clue why Brad Pitt is the star of this movie, he just is). It acually looks like its gonna be really good, with zombies piling on top of each other to eat all of the living.


Yea, and that would sorta look like this…


And a bit of this…. its like a zombie volcano!


See it or Brad Pitt will be sad… -.-


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