The Art of Gamer Rage


Welp, ladies and gentlenerds, it’s raining here where I am thus causing my power to be knocked out completely. Why not start on my first returning blog post…

Here we all are once again. I took a long break away from you guys, and for that I do apologize. For my return, why not talk about something quite a few of us nerds know a good bit about.. oh yes, I’m talking about Gamer Rage. Now if you love gaming as much as…well…me (which I’m sure the good majority of you do) than I’m sure you have encountered or even personally experienced this yourselves. Who remembers there first encounter with this here problem. MEE ^.^! So let us begin. Now I didn’t get my first PlayStation 3 encounter until well… about 2 or 3 years ago so I joined the party a little late. I know,  I know, I’m not proud of it either, and I begged and begged my Mother to get me one…buuttt it didn’t quite work out in my favor (Much like a lot of things don’t work out for Nerd Girl). I first ran into my first encounter with “Gamer Rage” the first time I popped Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 into the CD tray and decided I would try the Tranzit map out for the first time. image

Things we’re going oh so well for me, I was a natural. Zombie killing I guess came quite easy to me after the countless zombie movies a nd documentaries I had watched over the years. I was not playing by myself, it was my first time, I needed help and I knew I did.  It would take more than my best friends 12 year old brother to save me from the madness, so I played with others in a public lobby. As you may know, you can play with up two a minimum of three players and a maximum of four. This was great, the odds we’re working in my favor. I waited until the lobby was completely full with players willing to ready up and join the fight with me. The first few rounds we’re great, but of course I was still a rookie, and the rookie Nerd Girl herself hit Round 7, or as I call it “7/11 of Hell”. Now, me being out of the loop so long I was not aware that the more rounds you surpass the stronger and stronger the zombie horde got after each round. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were still at the diner since the box didn’t give us the Teddy Bear of death just yet. As soon as that number turned all he’ll broke loose. Zombies came from literally everywhere, and when I say everywhere I do mean everywhere.
image Now on a game like COD, shit can really get real!! I don’t just mean the game but the players. At the time I didn’t have a mix set up but of course I could still hear anyone that did have one, and this my friends is where I came into contact with the Rager! Of course it was male since the majority of humans playing are in fact male, he sounded anywhere from the ages of 14 to maybe like 19 give or take a few years, and he was screaming his head off trying to run from these zombies, I didnt know what to do, so I panicked and ran myself. This was one of those times where I wished they would all break out into the Thriller dance, but of course not.
image He went down and simply because I followed I almost went down myself, I didn’t understand that you actually had to turn around and shoot the zombies that ran after you. I was cornered, and I had already made the mistake of running out into that fog once earlier in the session and having that Demon Alien Baby land on my head, and I refused to go through that trauma again (So much screeching) I managed to get around them though. Running towards my other teammates and listening to my fallen comrade yell at me as I did so, “Fucking pick me up!!!” I managed to survive 7/11 of Hell and lived to fight another day… or well 4 minutes. The same player that went down went down one more time and gave out the loudest yell I have ever heard come from a young boy. He sounded like a character from Dragonball Z going super saiyan.
I died that round….in fact we all died that round. Now for the rookie gamers I’m sure you’ve heard the word “Noob” while playing well any type of video game. That was what I was called, over and over and over. But I kept trying, playing the same map once more and giving it a try, the screams of the countless young gamers frightened me much, and I wondered… why so much yelling? All this because of a digital zombie. That night I went to be diseased with my game play and I decided I would play it just about everyday until I surpassed round 7. Every time though, I would die… and the beast was unleashed, and all of my Gamer Rage was released. I myself went super saiyan.
Now I knew I had a potty mouth before but I had never heard it this vicious before. Now I had finally gotten a mix, but thank the Gamer Gods I was playing with people I knew personally. There was an awkward silence…. until they all laughed at me. “WOW! The zombies pissed you off huh?”
I groaned and sat my controller down, “Who made this shit anyways!” I replied and sighed, “OK OK let me calm down.”
“Oh no, embrace your Gamer Rage!”
Thst was the day I became a true gamer. Since then my gamer rage has come out in a variety of different games in a variety of different curse words including, Shitfuckfuckshit, fuckery, bullshit dragon, and just plain FUCK YOU (insert antihero here) YOU PUMPKIN FUCKER!! Oh yes, video games will bring out the worst in someone, but instead of running from it, we as gamers must take it and embrace it, because someone has to yell at digital objects that live in our television screens. Hope you enjoyed this little shpeel. See you guys next time.
Nerd Girl

P.S: My power has come back on after an hour and thirty minutes.


I Returned…. Again

Well then ladies and gentlenerds, I have returned…. well again. I fell off for quite some time (like 3 years of some time ^.^). Life got hard for me for a minute and I kinda forgot why I started this in the first place. Not only because writing makes me happy… BUT BECAUSE I LOVE WRITING FOR YOU GUYS! People just like me. Any who, I will be returning to this blog a do will be writing as much as I can. I will let you know that I graduated high school and am now getting my communications degree, I just might end up doing this as a profession some day. Just bare with me love bugs.
     Yours Truly,
                      Nerd Girl

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale!! HEEEEEELLLLLLZZZZ NO!

So much has happened this season so far. So they found out they all were infected anyways. After that I don’t see how they would go on but hey, it makes for a good show. Watching one of them die and then getting shot and/or stabbed in the face. That’s what we call a DOUBLE KILL! If this were a video game just about every character on this show would be like a super soldier or something, hella lot of XP! Anywho, who all died this season, FIRST OUR BELOVED T-DOG!!

imagesMay he rest in peace wherever he is in heaven. But still it would be cool to see what T-Dog looked like as a zombie. Ohhhh that's what..... o.o

Ohhh, that’s what……. 0.0









Anywho, we’ve also lost Lori, that 2 timing slut…… well she died too….

walking-dead-loriI was actually surprisingly sad to see Lori go. I never really paid too much attention to her, well at least tried not to. Well because of this whole situation and what not






Let’s see, the Governor’s daughter got a Katana through the back of the head by Mishonne and it made the Governor cry like a little biatch! She was killed like a G and you know it!!


Maggie and Glenn got kidnapped and survived like bosses! Uhh what else, hmmmm oh yea and Andrea has turned into a total bitch. I just wanna throw her in a crowd of walkers and then be like, “Do you get it now you stupid blonde bitch!!”the-walking-dead-3-03-andrea-and-michonne-disarmed-by-the-governor



Like come on, so much is going on right now. You know what I mean?? All I do know is, Mishonne is with Rick now, Andrea’s playing dumb and screwing guys that remind her of Shane (speaking of Shane he got shot in the face again –teehee- hella funny).shane

The Governor is a dick, and Carl is a little man child. But more man than he is child. I’m so proud of him!!! Crying face

I wish Mishonne would have just killed the Governor while she had the chance too. –Sigh- Only in my dreams I guess. Either way I can’t wait until the new episodes come on and according to Mr. Chris Hardwick that will be February 10th I believe.

By the way we have some new people!!! chad-coleman-tyrese-walking-dead-540x270

Yay another black guy!! That one prison guy I thought was supposed to be T-Dog’s replacement, but now we get Tyrese! From the comics!!! Just kidding, noone at all can replace T-Dog!


DFD and Me!!

Check out Dumbfoundead’s free track, Be Like Bruce!

haha how cute... it's a nerdy dumbfoundead

haha how cute… it’s a nerdy dumbfoundead












and also, check out my video!

Now I shall love you forever!!

Where’d all the great Kung Fu movies go??

So November 27th 72 years ago, the world was granted the blessing of meeting a smiley faced chinese child, Bruce Lee. Yes, people on the 27th the Dragon himself would have been 72 years old and I bet you could still kick your ass with two hand tied behind his back!Punch                                                                                bruce-lee-enter-the-dragon

This was very exciting for me, it was a great day. Bruce Lee inspired so many people with all of his quotes and thoughts and philosophies on how to handle life. Like for real, this man was like a walking fortune cookie! He battled many difficulties in life, including racism especially but he never gave up, he kept going hard. I totally understand where he came from, I myself having to experience some of the same difficulties as well as others. On his birthday, FuelTV played a marathon of a special called, “Bruce Lee Lives!” featuring athletes like Paul Rodriguez to dancers such as the winners of America’s Best Dance Crew and possibly one of the best dance crews out there, the JabbawockeezSend a kiss. I watched the marathon of that when I got home from work, (yes people I work) that was at like at 10p.m and I stayed up until 2a.m watching them, after they started playing a late night marathon of his movies. I stayed up and watched those as well, and you know what it made me wonder. Where the hell did all the cool amazing kung fu movies go?? The last one I saw that even kept me half entertained was Rush Hour 3, and that had Chris Tucker and his annoyingly high voice in it! It seems like during the early 2000’s kung fu movies where somewhat popular, they were good but what happened to them all. Did we just stop being interested in them like we did with that awesome RC racer car our parents got us for Christmas when we were 12 or what? Either way, I think that we should start making more, maybe not us, but we should play more of them on HBO and Showtime and all those other places. With the cool awkward mouth sync malfunctions too, that way we know it’s legit.




Either way, my goal was not to make a total rant on how bad we need kung fu movies back, really it was to say Happy Birthday to the late Bruce Lee. You are missed very much and have made such a big mark on this world that it lingers on from generation to generation. You are and will always be in this 17 year old’s top 5 inspirations! Red heart


Is the Zombie Apocalypse among us?!?!?! 0.0

I definitely am the Zombie Rescue Team

Zombies are fairly popular these days, with The Walking Dead and even an Anime based on surviving a zombie apocalypse, HighSchool of the Dead. But my question is, is the zombie apocalypse coming…

I had to use this… I’m homeschooled… therefore I shall dominate

What do you guys think?? Is it even possible for a zombie outbreak to happen?  

One more thing… if this takeover does happen would you survive??

Shaun of the dead epic zombie bashing

If so Im totally ready to start bashing some heads…. probably like this!!!

Playstation Allstar Battle Royale! The Super Smashup that Doesn’t Make Sense but Somehow Works At The Same Time.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to post next.  It made me think, what’s going on with gaming. I know the new Halo just came out, and Black Ops 2 and what not, but before I get to those I wanted to hit something that interested me more than shooting Prometheus monsters and shooting your best friend in the face and then yelling, “Yea, Bitch! In Tha Face!”

Totally hanging this in my room

I’ve been hearing about this game for a little bit and it actually sounds like it’s going to be a good game. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal takes all of our fav characters like Dante from Devil May Cry and Fat Princess from, well Fat Princess, and even that cute little Sackboy from LittleBig Planet, and then makes them commit First Degree Murder on each other. As well as a few other crimes that us real world, not digitally created, normal reality people would totally get at least 10 to life for. I am so sad to say though that I haven’t played this game for myself yet, :(. But, when you wanna see something that almost everyone else has seen already, what do you do? That’s right, you look it up on YouTube!

So I decided to just click the first one that I saw and that sounded kinda cool. I am and will probably always be a very big fan of Tekken, (just not the movie adaption they attempted to make in 2010) and when I saw the name Heihachi Mishima, my heart fluttered. I’ve been playing Tekken since I could walk, and Tekken came out in late 94′, I was born in 95′. Anyway this isn’t about me and my life story and all that gooey crap. Either way, it starts off with an opening monologue that you have to read a few lines of subtitles for, it is Heihachi Mishima, he no speak no English  >.< Any who  the first fight takes place at the Dojo from Parrapa the Rapper and our old evil friend Heihachi is fighting our electricity zapping, bad boy Cole Macgrath from the Infamous series, and totally beating the crap out of this computer controlled Cole Macgrath might I add, including unleashing Heihachi’s pet bear Kuma that runs around with him for a little bit.

Aww ain’t they just so cute together

Heihachi ends up sending Cole on a giant rocket at some point and Cole get’s zapped back down to earth like, “Now what!?”, no for real, he really does say that. Either way they fight until the clock finally times out and Cole is well, of course defeated. The video is like 20+ minutes long and I wasn’t gonna look at the whole thing like right at this moment, but it looks like the next battle is between, Heihachi, Fat Princess, and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. A threesome!!! Just not the threesome you were probably thinking of, that would be weird, and kinda gross. I will finish the video watching later, anyhow.

Overall it seems to me that all is looking well for this game. It helps that it doesn’t just focus on one specific character throughout the whole game and the same thing doesn’t happen. Each character has it’s own unique story. And you know what that means…… enemies from a previous series may come in the picture, you know stir the pot a little bit, cause some serious drama up in there, like a high school sophomore girlfight! I will most definitely be keeping an eye on the gameplay videos for this, and I will probably keep you posted!

Oh and by the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL! I’m actually about to go and eat some more turkey, we didn’t even put a dent in all the food we have right now. Thanks for reading!

Myspace is back from the dead……. maybe

Alright so this morning, there I was getting ready to do my daily routine of school and all that good crap that us teenagers have to do and there, on the news feed moderately making its way across my television screen, was a news flash that read, “Justin Timberlake to give the first look at the new Myspace.”

Myspace+Justin Timberlake= WHAAAAAAA???

This is what you get when you Google Justin Timberlake and Myspace together

I know right, it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty cool if you ask me. But, at the same time, many Myspace users abandoned Myspace like a run-away bride for the stronger more fulfilling Facebook. I would totally know, I was one of those super unfaithful, social network jumping cheats that wasn’t “getting enough” from my forever faithful Myspace. But hey what can we say America, right? It was giving us almost unfix-able viruses like that stripper ex-girlfriend of yours. I can’t be with a social network that is just that dirty!

People Stopped Using Myspace

It’s a shame that when you go to type in “Why did people-” in Google that the first thing that comes up is, “Why did people stop using Myspace”
Poor Myspace….

And besides, like everyone knows, no social network can be super amazing forever right? Its like the Jackson 5, like T-Pain, R-Kelly, Lil Mama ….. even Kesha and that stupid “Tik Tok” song that would play on the radio every 20 seconds. It became forgotten and no one liked it anymore, so they switched to something better. Like seriously, as you can see from the picture to the right even the creators of Myspace, STOPPED USING MYSPACE. You know a site is dead and gone when even the people that made it cant even stand to look at it for another second.






But still at the same time, kudos to Myspace for trying to make a comeback like Lindsey Lohan and this new thing she’s doing with Lifetime. We shall see if you live up to the superhuman standards that us Social Network addicts now have! BREAK THE BAR!!

The Battle Against the Dead is coming…. this summer!

Alright so the other day I went to YouTube and this was randomly in my timeline. If you don’t already know this movie was inspired by the book also titled “World War Z“. It was written by Max Brooks who is like on of the best zombie novel writers that I’ve heard of so far.


Max Brooks was also the author of the best seller book “The Zombie Survival Guide” which was pretty much a survival guide on how to survive a zombie outbreak if that ever where to happen (which of course is absolutely possible with the amount of awesome science and technology that we have these days).Image

Back in 2007, the film rights were secured and now 5 glorious non-zombie infested years later, the end product is the new movie that is supposed to be released June 21, 2013, World War Z. It stars Brad Pitt (I have no clue why Brad Pitt is the star of this movie, he just is). It acually looks like its gonna be really good, with zombies piling on top of each other to eat all of the living.


Yea, and that would sorta look like this…


And a bit of this…. its like a zombie volcano!


See it or Brad Pitt will be sad… -.-

Hello world!

Why Herro!!! Im Coffee… its nice to meet you!! Let’s Start with a Poll!